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Why Your Business NEEDS Digital Advertising

06th December 2021

Should digital advertising be part of your marketing plan? The answer is YES. A business without a digital advertising strategy is like a plane with no pilot.

Why You Cannot Ignore Display Advertising

24th November 2021

isplay advertising involves creating optimised visual ads that are placed on websites and social media channels to raise brand awareness and attract people to a website. This go-to marketing tool is common as there is a high degree of brand protection by being able to exclude ads from sites you don’t want your brand to be associated with.

Importance of Appearing in Search Engine Results

05th November 2021

The proverb, “Seek and you will find.” has proven most beneficial to Google in Quarter 3. Google reported a 41% revenue rise in the Quarter 3. Total revenue hit US$65b, up from US$46b in the same quarter last year. Search advertising alone contributed almost US$38b, while YouTube, world’s second largest search engine US$7.2b.

5 Benefits of Combining Mobile and Out-of-Home Campaigns for Local Businesses

11th June 2021

Today, almost everyone has a mini computer or as we call it a smartphone in our pocket. The World Advertising Researching Centre (WARC) predicts that by 2025, 75% of the world will solely use smartphones for their internet needs instead of depending on laptops and desktops. Right now in Australia, smart-phone penetration is over 90%.

The Importance of Online and Social Content in Business to Business Buying

31st March 2021

Ensuring that your website is a rich source of information on what you do, how you do it, what sets you apart and what your customers say about, not just a digital brochure is key to ranking strongly in organic search results. Doing so will also better position you to secure new customers from your web site and search activities.

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