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Dany Coutinho

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Digital Marketing for Dentists

March 14, 2022 | 2 minutes

Every year, the amount of people actively using the internet is increasing at an unprecedented rate forcing consumers to be more strategic when it comes to making high quality health care choices.


Dental patients are not in a hurry and take their time to research a trustworthy dentist. Now more than ever, consumers use the internet to research health care options before making the ‘buying’ decision. This means that in order to keep existing patients, and to acquire new ones, you need a digital marketing strategy that can keep up with your patient’s digital marketing behaviours.


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Currently there are people in your local area who are thinking about having their teeth cleaned, whitened, or straightened. There are people who have braces or want to know why they are having toothaches. Many of those potential customers are only researching right now. This is where digital marketing will allow you to be top of mind.


We can use a variety of strategic solutions to inform potential customers about your dental practice and reach people searching online for general information about dentistry. We can target potential or current clients with the perfect message, at the perfect time to deliver an effective, relevant message.


Do you want to know the best thing about digital marketing? Outcomes are easy to measure and we can adjust your campaign based on results. Digital marketing is tactical and the ability to monitor campaigns and view statistics such as reach, clicks and impressions allow us to determine the success of your campaign. What happens if something isn’t performing well? We can make any necessary changes. Also, thanks to Google analytics we can also find out what pages people visited when they viewed your website, their referral source and the device that was used to access your site.


Recent Google research showed that 48% of prospective patients do two or more weeks or research before selecting their provider, and 61% visited two or more provider websites before converting into a lead. So, what are you waiting for?


Just like you are a dental expert, we are digital marketing experts. We will help you achieve optimum online visibility, attract and convert leads and expand your business using proven digital marketing strategies.


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