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Why You Cannot Ignore Display Advertising

November 24, 2021 | 2 minutes

Did you know display advertising can build awareness, shape attitudes, increase sales and encourage retention?


Digital advertising has been the go-to marketing channel to reach a broader audience for years. The digital advertising world has evolved and grown so quickly that digital marketing experts are forecasting total digital ad spend will reach $455.30 billion this year. However, not all ads have been created the same; some types of ads have been dominating the digital world, with one of the most popular tools being display advertising. Of the $455.30 billion this year, 55.2% of that will go to display advertising.


Display advertising involves creating optimised visual ads that are placed on websites and social media channels to raise brand awareness and attract people to a website. This go-to marketing tool is common as there is a high degree of brand protection by being able to exclude ads from sites you don’t want your brand to be associated with.


Brands are charged for every click received making this channel of marketing a cost-effective way to increase traffic to your website.


Although display ads are commonly used in programmatic advertising, brands also use these types of ads in their retargeting campaigns to target users who have previously left their websites to encourage them to come back and make a purchase. In addition, display ads are used to target potential consumers in the awareness stage of the marketing funnel.


It is critical to be able to track and measure digital marketing performance to determine your return on investment. Display ads are measurable. By analysing data, you are able to see the reach, frequency and clicks of the ad. Once you track your investment, it enables you to ensure you are making the most out of it.


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