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Do Online Reviews Affect SEO?

01st June 2022

Let’s face it. Whether you are a large brand or a recent start-up company, you strive to have a strong reputation. Today, where anything can be searched online, nothing is more important than your digital presence.

3 Tips to Boost Your Google Ranking

19th April 2022

A first page Google ranking will give your business a competitive edge. Not only does it ensure your business looks prestigious and professional increasing brand recognition, but it also guarantees an increased number of website views from your potential consumers.

Digital Marketing for Dentists

14th March 2022

Every year, the amount of people actively using the internet is increasing at an unprecedented rate forcing consumers to be more strategic when it comes to making high quality health care choices.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

25th January 2022

Facebook may have started out as a social media tool for users to upload pictures and post updates to family and friends, but it has now grown into one of the most powerful online marketing tools you can find.

How To Grow Your Local SEO

17th January 2022

Local search engine optimisation focuses on improving company visibility in local search engine results. Majority of the time, the results that appear in local search results page answer a “near me” question.

Get Your Brand Ready for 2022

16th December 2021

With over 75% of people vaccinated, Australia is prepared for life after the pandemic. The last 20 months bouncing in and out lockdown has changed the way people carry out their daily activities - be it managing office related work through video conference apps such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc., shopping online, learning new activities or simply wanting to watch entertainment on streaming services.

Breaking Down Google Ad Words

12th December 2021

Google Ads is an advertising platform where businesses can bid on certain keywords that they want to show up for in user searches. These keywords show up in Google searches on top of the list of organic results, and advertisers then pay Google each time someone clicks.

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